PAK  2022 updates

PAK2 from 2019-2020 is available in PAK2 and original PAK1 (2012) is available here.


As of 2021 use the Contact section to email me to secure updates.

Note: NEW Outline for 2021-> (numbering differs from earlier numbering).

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PAK2021 additions

PAK Course Introduction D+R W-analysis 0v9
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2 DoubleCross™ Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet for a basic DoubleCross Class-AB Follower output stage - OOorg or Excel .

A spreadsheets Solver add-in tool is very powerful because it can find the best bias settings, for example, minimum distortion. Best settings done manually are almost impossible to find with a DoubleCross Class-AB stage because there are twice as many variables as standard Class-AB.

A User Guide explanation PDF can be downloaded (below).

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The LTspice file can be downloaded as a PDF below (since only PDF's and pictures can be posted in this free website). Convert the PDF to a LTspice file by extracting the text from the PDF then rename as .asc file. See the help PDF below "How to Convert PDF to asc LTspice"

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A spreadsheet for the DoubleCross Class-AB Common Emitter output stage as OOorg or Excel.

A user guide and explanation PDF can be downloaded below.

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LTspice file for PAK411 Circuit for DoubleCross Common Emitter
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2 Single Cross Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet for the basic Class-AB Follower output stage as OOorg or Excel.

A User Guide and explanation PDF can be downloaded below:

PAK402 Spreadsheet-PP-CC-Wingspread-Explanation.pdf
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LTspice file for PAK402 Circuit for Push-Pull Follower
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A spreadsheet for the basic Class-AB Common Emitter output stage - OOorg & Excel .

A User Guide and explanation PDF can be downloaded below:

PAK204 Spreadsheet-PP-CE-Wingspread-Explanation.pdf
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LTspice file for PAK204 Circuit for Push-Pull Common Emitter
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