Welcome to PAK Project = Power Amplifier Kalculations

2022  PAK celebrates 10 years! Time flies when having fun!


What is PAK about? I wanted to solve the large signal equations for Audio Power Amplifiers.


This is "not possible" ... well, it wasn't possible until Robert Banwell's 2000 IEEE paper gave an analytical solution for a common emitter amplifier IEEE paper in T.CAS November 2000.


He broke through the "transcendental barrier" as Barrie Gilbert called it, and gave us a large-signal solution.


So I thought, let's do this for audio Power Amplifiers and find their large-signal solutions.

It turns out it can be done for a DoubleCross output stage - see the
 spreadsheet for a DoubleCross Follower output stage OOorg or Excel. Solver can find optimum bias, and THD can be plotted against output power! All this as a general analytic solution at low frequencies. See PAK2022 for more.


I very much would like to hear from anyone interested in this approach. Use the Contact section. 


All my work is free for use under Creative Commons 4 Attribution. No liability is accepted.