The VDMOS model as used in LTspice simulator can model power MOSFET's nicely.  

Mike Engelhardt updated the VDMOS (May 2019) to include temperature parameters. I have updated my earlier IRF's and Exicon lateral's. They can be downloaded here for LTspice XVII  OR LT-IV here.


Updated Tutorial PDF for extracting parameters for the IRFP240 and IRFP9240. Download PDF below.


A simple jig does pulse measurements (DIY breadboard it - may need Scope). Download PDF below.


To simulate CMOS inverters eg for guitar overload effects then you need to use a MOSFET model with quasisaturation. The LTspice VDMOS lacks quasisaturation. It can be added using a subcircuit. Download PDF below. BTW SuperSpice already has a VDMOS with quasisaturation.


My files are also provided free under Creative Commons 4 Attribution (over-riding my Copyright) and no liability is accepted. Please let me know if you find errors (use Contact).

LTspice jigs for the 'VDMOS parameter extraction' Tutorial PDF (Part 1),

Download "" has 6 LTspice jigs here.

Part 1 only (1v6) <-revised for new LTspice XVII VDMOS Temp Co's
Adobe Acrobat Document 640.9 KB
Part 1+2 (version 1v7)
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB
Pulse tester jig Ver 1v0
Adobe Acrobat Document 441.2 KB

LTspice files below for the 'Simple pulse jig for power MOSFETs' :

  1. Download "VDMOS+EKV-10x20+20x20" LTspice jigs and Spreadsheet here.
  2. Download "VDMOS-20N20+20P20-measured-data" here.

Dec 2021 superseded: Subcircuit to add Quasisaturation to the VDMOS (Ver 0v1) white paper here and LTspice demo files here

Triode+SIT+jFET subcircuit using the VDMOS

Dec 2021: This is an ambitious subcircuit! I may change it into 3 separate versions some day.

updated white paper here.  models and demo jig here.

This VDMOS subcircuit models jFET's, SIT's and Triode's, it adds effects including:

  • Gate-drain leakage current (IGSX) that changes with Vds and temperature
  • Quasisaturation for jFET's is significant for most small-signal jFET plots
  • Noise and breakdown parameters are also included
  • Triode (SIT) Mu varies with Vgk (Vgs) and Vak (Vds), and 
  • Triode positive grid current is modulated by Vak